Monday 1 September 2014


Sutton [Lambston] Friends' Burial Ground comes under the care of South Wales Area Meeting. It is within the local community of Sutton just to the west of Hwlffordd / Haverfordwest.

Members of the four meetings arranging Quaker Quest in Haverfordwest arranged for a picnic one dry Sunday afternoon after Meeting for Worship - they were joined by local residents who take an interest in the site

friends' burial groundfriends' burial ground

(Warning: the site is enchanting, Romantic, Gothic even, & in parts very overgrown. Those with mobility problems should stick to the flatter, brighter areas. )

quaker burial ground 5quaker burial ground 2

If you search Sutton, Haverfordwest on Google maps you will get something like the image below - the burial ground has been marked by me not Google!

friends burial ground

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