Wednesday 18 February 2015

February and March

I have finally made it over the mountain to the monthly evening Meeting for Worship in Haverfordwest in the oldest non conformist chapel/church in Pembrokeshire.
A dozen people. Many people walking past, talking, laughing - a football being kicked around for a bit and a deep silence inside.

Faith & Practice 2.1 was read:
Worship is the response of the human spirit to the presence of the divine and eternal, to the God who first seeks us. The sense of wonder and awe of the finite before the infinite leads naturally to thanksgiving and adoration.
Silent worship and the spoken word are both parts of Quaker ministry. The ministry of silence demands the faithful activity of every member in the meeting. As, together, we enter the depths of a living silence, the stillness of God, we find one another in ‘the things that are eternal’, upholding and strengthening one another.

The next meeting will be on 18th March at 7pm. See previous post for where [link]

magnolia: fiddled with a touch but then original not the original

I include this photo as I had a vision of a magnolia flower - held in my hand, then in me, then holding us all - these things don't normally happen. Diolch Hwlffordd | Thank you Haverfordwest - I am grateful that we held the Quaker Quest events and that this once a month meeting came into being.

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